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CreatedFeb 6, 2015
PublishedFeb 6, 2015
Warriors Trained61379
Total Skips19856
Total Code Submissions158878
Total Times Completed15628
Java Completions1829
Python Completions5425
C# Completions976
Ruby Completions696
Clojure Completions82
Haskell Completions170
JavaScript Completions3626
CoffeeScript Completions33
C++ Completions938
TypeScript Completions266
Elixir Completions63
PHP Completions245
Crystal Completions11
C Completions291
Rust Completions380
Swift Completions145
F# Completions40
R Completions50
Shell Completions26
OCaml Completions17
Kotlin Completions162
Fortran Completions5
Groovy Completions7
Julia Completions24
Scala Completions102
PowerShell Completions11
Go Completions297
Nim Completions9
Reason Completions2
Racket Completions17
VB Completions10
Haxe Completions6
CommonLisp Completions27
Dart Completions54
Lua Completions25
Pascal Completions3
Perl Completions12
Elm Completions3
COBOL Completions4
D Completions4
Erlang Completions3
Prolog Completions6
Total Stars1354
% of votes with a positive feedback rating89% of 1979
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes1607
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes320
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes52