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  • Aaaaaaaaaand... he's gone :D I guess this site wasn't challenging enough for a competent engineer.

  • Your idea of learning doesn't fit this website then, since whole premise of this one is to attempt writing your own code that solves the given problem. If you're only interested in actual implementations then I'm sure you'll find them elsewhere without creating a mess for other users. On a side note, your vocabulary is unnecessarily inflated with details that don't bring anything meaningful as if you were trying to avoid giving an actual answer :)

  • Yes, but you dont have to copy and paste it and submit it as your own. Understanding the solution and forfeiting elegibility is good because it lets you learn, and it isn't plagirism. However, submitting it as your own is plagarism and is forbidden.

  • Your only background is copy-pasting others' solutions and pretending they're yours. And don't even bother lying again, because I can see many of your solutions with CW Red feature. Does this look familiar? Or maybe this will freshen your memory. And this must simply be a coincidence. Let's not mention this or the day you went super-saiyan and tried becoming as good as ZED here. That's just 5 minutes of research, I'm sure there's 100 more solutions copied.

    I'm looking forward to your explanation.

  • I am interested in solutions to much more complex problems for which these are just small subsets. E.g., as related to this specific kata, the actual relations that I am after are very different, and structures are very different, but the general principles and relevance of constructs like Hamiltonian cycles and other constructs are very useful. Spending time on having to reinvent the wheel each time seems unnecessary if the solution can be found and you can understand it. But I agree with you that the fairness principle should be adhered to. I don’t think I copied it from you but I do think that whoever was behind where I found that code probably copied it from you. In any case, your point is noted and well-taken, I think.

  • I don't see any relevancy in that, but what's the reason behind copying the solution then? Does pasting it mindlessly amount to anything? Considering other options of implementing it on your own, or even let's say adapting someone else's solution from some other source to the exact task are more valuable in terms of learning. Above all this sets bad example and is unfair to anyone investing their time to obtain the answer, additionaly undermining their achievement.

  • You must be an incredible programmer, having started in June 2020 and already amassing 18,000 pts if I am correct. My background is in engineering, so I am trying to build solutions from the best Lego pieces I can find, learning from whoever I can. This kata is actually great as it teaches a useful relational emergence example. I assume now that you were the originator behind the code I used, so kudos to you.

  • Too bad implementation is mine and copied 1:1. If you know what to look for, then what's the problem implementing it? Points without any effort behind them are worthless and make you look bad. Since these aren't your only "hard-earned" points you'll get banned pretty soon as reincartor was.

  • @yuri.levchuk directly copying solution of user who's already banned for also copying solutions (I wonder how this isn't grouped with mine since it's 1:1, even with identation, without some blank lines), what for?

  • I am surprised this approach does not time out. Tried myself. 11.9s for the full test, good job!