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Kacarott in discord explained to me:

Maybe check how active the author of said kata is, many might prefer just a raised suggestion for a change rather than you just editing something, but in general the "fork kata" feature is exactly for this purpose. You can fork a kata in any language you have completed it in, to make edits to the description and/or that translation's tests/sample solution. Then you can publish that fork, post it in reviewing or in the kata discourse and wait for someone to review and approve it (similar to making a translation)
If its just tiny grammar/spelling changes then you could also just directly edit the kata, skip the review process

My original question:

How can I do this "Users who enjoy maintenance activities and willing to improve quality of kata are encouraged to view issues on this board and pick them for processing one by one." - as mentioned on ? Does this just mean that I'm encouraged to edit/make small changes to katas if I think I can improve them (spelling/grammar in description, better tests etc?)

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