7 kyu

Maximum Multiple

1,940 of 29,426MrZizoScream


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CreatedMar 27, 2018
PublishedMar 27, 2018
Warriors Trained44022
Total Skips3689
Total Code Submissions59358
Total Times Completed29426
C++ Completions1940
Ruby Completions561
JavaScript Completions8592
Crystal Completions41
Python Completions6844
NASM Completions63
Fortran Completions46
C# Completions1187
Java Completions2896
Lua Completions201
C Completions1029
Haskell Completions224
Rust Completions564
PHP Completions640
Dart Completions465
Julia Completions67
TypeScript Completions433
CoffeeScript Completions31
Elixir Completions108
Reason Completions15
Factor Completions22
R Completions154
Racket Completions39
Elm Completions50
Clojure Completions96
Forth Completions47
Erlang Completions71
Go Completions814
F# Completions71
Prolog Completions42
Groovy Completions61
Solidity Completions263
Kotlin Completions676
Nim Completions29
Objective-C Completions40
OCaml Completions58
PowerShell Completions74
PureScript Completions26
Scala Completions208
Shell Completions172
SQL Completions1929
Swift Completions732
VB Completions104
CFML Completions28
CommonLisp Completions108
Haxe Completions21
Pascal Completions33
Perl Completions66
Raku Completions21
COBOL Completions12
D Completions14
Total Stars231
% of votes with a positive feedback rating90% of 3286
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes2717
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes485
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes84
Total Rank Assessments29
Average Assessed Rank
7 kyu
Highest Assessed Rank
7 kyu
Lowest Assessed Rank
8 kyu
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