What's new in Codewars: April highlights

Vanessa Greene
May 24, 2024
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Welcome back to our highlights from the Codewars engineering team!    


  • Codewars Red Signup: We have updated our Codewars Red subscription checkout to allow new subscribers to use discount codes (when available). To avail of our next offering, make sure you are signed up to the Codewars newsletter.
  • Database maintenance: This month, as part of our regular maintenance, we made critical updates to our database to improve the speed and efficiency of all our services.
  • Usernames update: We were recently made aware of several spam accounts using custom URLs in their Codewars username, we have since removed the ability to save usernames with URLs, reducing the levels of spam on account creation.  

Bug fixes  

  • Fixes to our advertising: Last month we announced some updates to our advertising on Codewars. Many of these changes involved internal system updates. Following these updates, we found issues with 2 of our advert types displaying images incorrectly and issues on mobile devices.

     Both issues have now been resolved. Are you looking for an advert-free Codewars experience? Join Codewars Red today.

  • Codewars Red subscription management page: Fixed a bug on the Codewars Red subscription management page that caused some users to be redirected to an internal server error. Codewars Red users looking to update their subscription should do so from https://www.codewars.com/subscription.
  • Prevent GitHub account from disconnecting in account settings: Resolved a bug that caused GitHub accounts to disconnect when a user updated their Clan.  

Requests for new language support on Code Runner

Language updates are implemented in response to requests from our community and based on demand. Please raise your ticket directly on our Code Runner repo here to request an update.  

Get Support:

If you have any feature requests, encounter any bugs, or have product feedback, please reach out to us by email at info@codewars.com.  

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