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Codewars Red members get more out of their training with the following features...

Enhanced Stats

Show off your Codewars skills with expanded profile stats. Let everyone see your solution up votes, training streaks and detailed stats on each language you have trained on.

Head-to-head Comparison

Compare yourself to any other user in the system. View your solutions side-by-side to see how you solved the same kata differently.

Realtime Output Streaming

View the test output while the code runs, instead of having to wait until all tests have completed before you see anything. Perfect for when you are executing a long running kata and are feeling impatient.

Ad-Free Experience

Tired of seeing ads? Ads are turned off by default for all Red members. You can always turn them back on later if you want.

Early Access Beta Features

From time to time we will roll out new beta features. Be the first to get access to new features and provide valuable feedback.

Profile Badge

Show your support as a Codewars patron with a Codewars Red badge next to your name within your user profile.

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Fine Print

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings. All paid subscriptions are paid for through the end of their billing cycle. If you wish to sign up for Codewars Red only to help support Codewars as a one time donation, simply sign up with a subscription and then cancel immediately afterward. Your billing cycle will begin on the same day that you subscribe.