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    • Doesn't appear to test for integers, rather it tests for numbers of every kind. ZozoFouchtra's answer is one of the few that would pass.

    As I understand the kata it does test for integers. See (a1[i] % 1 === 0) in thegsi’s solution. The second test case includes a decimal number and an integer. Please let me know your opinion on this.

    • The last test case supplies something that isn't an array. The question says they'll always be arrays.

    Good point. I have changed the last test case to an array.

    • To encourage good practice it would be better to return in only one datatype i.e. false could be "Liar" and true become "Honest". Javascript allows this mixing of return types unlike other languages but taking advantage of that can lead to a lot of trouble and should be done for a really good reason.

    Interesting point and not one that I had given much thought to. I have now changed the Booleans to strings “Right” and “Wrong”.

    Oh and if it's going to supply them with example test cases why not do one for "not possible" for the sake of completeness

    I deliberately left out incomplete in the test cases to make the kata a little more difficult. I kind of prefer it that way!