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    sure, does it work now? :)

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    It's different in a way that for Java, Codewars runner does not create a test result entry per assertion, but per test case. That's why you do not see 200 green lines even though there's 200 assertions in random tests, but only two: one for fixed tests, and one for random tests.

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    yeah, sure.

    there are actually 2 kind of "forks":

    • kumite are unrelated to any kata (third icon in the menu bar on the left)
    • forks of solutions, like this one.

    Forks can be used to show/suggest/discuss anything that is a deviation of the original code, being the solution of the user, the tests or anything else. Here, I forked your solution to edit the random tests and show you what I had in mind, instead of posting it in the discourse (where it's not runnable).


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    Nice first kata and I hope there will be more.

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    Examples of embedded images:

    Note how embedded images inflate description, try to keep them small if you go this way.

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    You cannot attach images directly to kata, but you have a couple of options:

    • upload an image to external server and put it in description with markdown: ![](
    • use svg markup directly in the description - not 100% sure if it works, but worth a try
    • use <img/> tag with Base-64 encoded content of SVG image. Some kata do this (I think this one). If you create an SVG with your image, we can work it out from there.
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    I'm with python 3.7

    nope ;)
    Your ide is in 3.7. But on cw, you're using one of those only: 2.7.6, 3.4.3, 3.6.0.

    Sometimes I would get passed on 12th test and then failed the next time without making any changes to the code.

    maybe because some tests are random?
    That or you're using a dict, with an older version of python here (before 3.6): in 3.6+, dict are "ordered", but they weren't before. That may be the reason. => use 3.6.0.