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  • You have actually preempted my next question: Can there be thousands separators to the right of a decimal separator? Apparently not.

    This seems like a bit of a cop-out, but of course otherwise there is just no way of knowing how to interpret 123.456,789.

  • Yes, you're right! I will add that too. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Yeah, this is better.

    Next problem: how do I know that 123,456 and 123.456 are both 123 456 e -3 and not 123 456 e 0 ? Shouldn't you specify that there can only be thousands separators if there is a decimal separator?

  • I admit that was a little bit of a generalism. I believe I've made it sound better now!

  • Programming languages can only use points "." as decimal separators, and don't support any kind of thousands separators.

    Citation needed.

    Or just take out this ridiculous statement ( programming languages can and do use whatever they specify ), and specify what your kata uses.

    Note that JavaScript in recent versions ( optionally ) uses _ as a thousands separator ( there is a long history for that in other languages, but this one sprang to mind first ).

  • Fixed! Thanks for reporting the issue.

  • I'm sorry, could you please elaborate? The task is to modify the input given and convert it to a Numeric type, but I believe I don't understand you.

  • I tried to look for one and I was impressed that I couldn't find anything. Please tell me if you do!

  • The user can modify the input.

  • I'm sure there's an identical kata available already, but idk how to find it.

  • I've fixed the issues, and I also changed the conditions for the "remaining time" part, so if the days measure equals the amount of days in that month, it must add 1 to the month measure and become zero. E.g. 11 months and 31 days >> 12 months and 0 days.

  • About the first two, I added a small example in the description that indicates that the age and the remaining time have to add up to 11 months and 31 days. I'll try to find a way to allow both results, though. As they should both be valid.

    You're right about the third and fourth one. I'll go fix them right away.

  • 2069-08-15

     Your age is 130 years, 10 months and 0 days.
    -1 month and 31 days remaining for your birthday.
    +2 months and 0 days remaining for your birthday.


     Your age is 721 years, 6 months and 0 days.
    -5 months and 31 days remaining for your birthday.
    +6 months and 0 days remaining for your birthday.


     Your age is 2016 years, 3 months and 5 days.
    -8 months and 26 days remaining for your birthday.
    +8 months and 23 days remaining for your birthday.


     Your age is 925 years, 8 months and 14 days.
    -3 months and 17 days remaining for your birthday.
    +3 months and 16 days remaining for your birthday.
  • It should be fixed now! Please, try again.

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