• i also almost give up, but then i realyze i could change any class in ruby to make it work

  • Great! I hope, you liked the kata. And if you did, it would be nice, if you would upvote it ;)

  • So it seems, that you're manipulating the input. I just re-published this kata with cloned arguments in the test cases. I hope, it works for you :)

  • OK, let me say it that way: The wishlist in the test case takes 3 items (get_wishlist(['card game', 'socks', 'pack of marbles']),) and there are already 8 different ruby solutions, which all work fine with that test cases ;)

    I don't know, what's going on there, I don't know your code. But please double-check your code.

  • It's correct, since the "card game" is also on the wishlist and has the same attributes as the socks (small, doesn't clatter, light). See the last point of the rules in the description:

    It's possible, that multiple items from your wish list have the same attribute values. If they match the attributes of one of the presents, add all of them.