• The conditions are actually quite confusing. Turning your character or using a potion are all irrelevant. The condition, based on my understanding, is that you are on an adjacent cell to the enemy (vertically or horizontally), INCLUDING the turn where you are moving away from the enemy, BUT EXCLUDING the turn where you have just moved into the cell.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • This was a labor of love lol. Possibly the most involved Kata I have done. It was fun. Great project to take on.

    I dont understand why the map is being represented as a 1 dimensional array of strings in the sample tests, but then when attempting with a solution the map is given as a multidimensional array.

  • The (0, 0) is at the top left corner and the coordinates are (row, column).

    Why? There aren't coordinates in the interface of the function.

  • It is not at all specified what "well sorted" means.

  • I really enjoyed this! Thanks.

  • You might want to generate some random specific configurations, so my 'solution' won't have a shot at them, also doesn't

      [3, 3],
      [0, 3],
      [0, 0],

    from bag2 disagree with:

    Items will not have rows or columns of zeros at the borders. If an item's matrix is of size nxm, this means the object has a bounding box of nxm.

  • I do love this, thank you ;)

  • Don't worry, I like having feedback :)

    I modified it a little bit to be more precise, but the wording is different.

  • Ah! Thank you. I am still too stupid to solve this puzzel. But, thank you.

    Hmm.. sorry to keep bothering you but reading the discription again, I feel it might be clearer to write "(i.e length of each line should be equal to the total number of lines in the code)". What do you think?

  • You are absolutely right, this kata's description reeks of inexperience xD

    I modified it a bit to make it more clear.


  • With a little bit of perspective, you are right when you say that this kata's description is somewhat unclear as it stands. I modified it a bit to make it more understandable and added your first suggestion.

    Hope you can try it out now! :D

  • I disagree. The task is challenging enough on its own, discription being vague isn't helpful. Personally, I had to give up without even figuring out the actual task.

  • Hi,

    you should clearly split the description, making stand out Task and Constraint (for now, by scanning the description, I got what restrictions are, but I couldn't find the actual task as easily... x) )


  • Hello, thank you for your interest!

    I think this line is not clear

    While I do understand your concern, the test messages are clear enough and I don't think a change is necessary.

    Also: "he will only let you use functionalities functions from this SDK"

    Functions are not the only forbidden thing in this kata, so this change is plain wrong in my opinion.

    Cheers :)

  • "... only allows programs with a square shape ..."

    I think this line is not clear. How about something like:

    "... only allows programs with a square shape (i.e number of line in code == length of each line) ..."

    Also: "he will only let you use functionalities functions from this SDK"

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