• That makes it first 1 kyu kata in Go. Yay!

  • Approved.

  • Did that, thanks for your translation!

  • And it's been approved. :]

    Thank you Helge!

  • Please see comment directly on translation.

    Not approvable as-is.

  • @Helge801 Yeah you're not wrong; sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it was your fault. Java should really just be removed, or have the BigInt capability removed.

  • You can restrict specific stuff by parsing the user's solution. It is saved in "/home/codewarrior/solution.txt". Obviously, you can read from this file and check if text includes forbidden stuff. You should do this in Preloaded section though.

  • That's because Java translation is wrong. After it was published, the author asked the translator to remove the use of BigInteger, yet somehow it was approved nonetheless. Your translation is wrong as well.

    Edit: and obviously JS, C, C++, Java (without BigInteger), C# (without BigInteger) do not support numbers as big as the ones tested here.

  • The point of this kata is to do this manually with strings, not to use languages/libraries with BigInt capability

  • Yes I know that I am the only one:-( who can't go on this kata translation... I signalled the bug long ago but had no real response from the staff.
    @kazk wrote that he had no error and it is very difficult to reproduce the nilClass error.
    The only thing to do is to ask on https://gitter.im/Codewars/codewars.com if someone wants to approve your translation when the translation is one week old... I am very sorry for you and for myself (I can't add any more my own translations!).
    I report once more as a bug https://github.com/Codewars/codewars.com/issues/1445.

  • I can't approve it, I get:

    Looks like there was a server error! (500)
    We have taken note of the situation and will be looking into it.
    If you would like to supply us with some details as to how this happened please visit our Github issues list. This will help us get things fixed faster.
    undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass

    You could report that to CW as a bug.

  • Normally you write a post in the kata Discourse section with a "Suggestion" label and provide the link to the translation like:

    GO translation submitted. Please review and approve.

    Or something like that.

  • After looking at it a bit deeper it's the same thing over again:

    if v is ommited, fill the array with undefined

    The error is actually

    `prefill': wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 2) (ArgumentError)
    	from `<main>'`

    Yes, I know it's not the perfect place to put such a test, and Ruby's testing framework still has that bug, but clearly you haven't read the descriptions or read the previous issues where I've answered the exact same thing. So...

  • Weird, I am experiencing the exact same error in Ruby - I even added puts n at the start of my method definition to try to print out n before anything else is done but the n == 0 assertion still throws an error without printing anything which suggests that it's probably the test cases that are problematic. @Voile if you have completed this Kata in Ruby and can confirm that there's nothing wrong with the test cases, perhaps you could leave a hint here as to what might be causing the error? ;)

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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