• Made it but till now don't understand how I managed.

  • Worst kata for a programmer. Publish such kata on sites for mathematicians, please.

  • Around 1991, a daily file transmission from our office in Reading PA to Atlanta GA (via modem over dial-up connection) was taking way too long. The company was paying overtime for staff to stay late to "babysit" these slow transmissions. I took a close look at the data we were sending, and I discovered long strings of consecutive zeros. Having never heard of "run-length encoding," I decided to replace each string of consecutive zeros with a number representing its length. (I left all other characters untouched; only the strings of zeros were encoded.) Of course, I also wrote a corresponding program to decompress the data after it was received in Atlanta.

    Compression made the file much smaller, and it was transmitted so much faster that my bosses questioned its accuracy. So I wrote another program just to compare the file before compression to the file after decompression and prove that the two files were identical.

    And I've never stopped bragging about it :-)

    BTW, this was programming in Report Program Generator (RPG) on an IBM System 36 midrange. Simpler days...

  • Nvm, I figured out my mistake :-)

  • Thanks! I started validating the initialization number, and now my solution works.

    Still, I have to wonder why a game would generate an invalid solution in the first place and then bother the user with an error message about it. That just doesn't make sense to me.

  • And in the "Best Practices" rankings, I rank lower for adding a comment? How does that encourage "best practices"?

    Oh well, it was a silly comment anyway.

  • Ruby 3.0 should be enabled.

  • in C++
    The kata says: return a rounded value to 2 decimal places
    However in the last test a value rounded to 4 decimals is expected
    I have completed all the previous tests and this one just seems unfair.

  • Another kata that deserves a higher satisfaction rating. This one forced me to rethink my approach. I loved it!

  • I don't understand the low satisfaction rating on this kata. I loved it, because it forced me to come up with a more efficient solution than my original naive approach.

  • Comment on the zero_fill function is obviously wrong. That function actually gives the binary string the full length that it needs to be useful for determining whether to move backwards or forwards in the alphabet at each position in st.

    Of course, it's a moot point anyway, because that was a terribly inefficient "solution."

  • I passed with a solution that actually would not work if n == 10.

  • fired on the spot this dev..

  • I agree with HerrWert the description is misleading and hard to understand

  • I had the same problem, until I understood you also need to validate the game's initialization number and raise an error. Anyway, I've found the description unclear about how to handle the different return cases.

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