• Your solution throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException wenn the test case begins with whitespece.
    All the solutions should give exactly the same result for each input as your asciiConvertToJ function. Your test cases should be improved accordingly.
    You should clarify the handling of whitespace characters.
    What is whitespace? (space + tab + newline, etc.) --> Please add some new basic test cases. Improve the Kata Description.
    Your solution merges multiple whitespaces to a single blank. --> new test cases, improve the Kata Description
    It is not clear from the description that the first character of the words must be converted to uppercase and the additional character of the words to lowercase. --> improve the Kata Description
    In your solution, you don't take exactly the same characters as whitespace when converting characters (blank, '\t', '\n') and wenn splitting at the end of a function ("\s+").

  • Hello. If input is '0', should not output be "0 = 0" rather than "0=0"? Because in other examples where n is greater than 0, there are spaces between series and a sum, if that makes sense to you

  • Hello there!

    Did you return the value or print it to the screen?
    Once I spent a good 5 minutes figuring out what the problem might be, when in a similar situation as you, then I realised I didn't actually return the value from the function, just used print.


  • We should be allowed to solve this however way we want.The code I wrote worked fine when I tested on my system but on this kata it forces you to use a specific method.

  • Increased random test amount to 100

  • This Kata is a bit of a wreck.

    While the challenge itself should be ranked at 7 kyu, the Module Pattern (used in the JavaScript version) may require more understanding than a 7 kyu level and is completely unnecessary for this challenge. A standard function call would have been much more practical.

    On top of that, the checks for positive numbers require spaces around the "=" but the checks for 0 and for negative numbers require no spaces around their operators.

  • forked and approved

  • Forked and approved

  • Yeah, this kata is unique. Very creative I must say.

  • Should explain how exactly we're supposed to write the CSS.

    you should end your CSS code with `

    And how about the start? Should we start the code with ` too? Should we declare a variable? Or should we just write the CSS rules directly as if we're writing on a CSS file?

  • How would you determine if it's his middle name or just last name separated into two?

  • @Javalacati the original poster (OP, which is you) will get the honors despite someone forking your translation and when the fork one is approved, so no need to delete all of them. And may I ask what hinders you from forking your own translation to resolve merge conflicts, is that an impossible task to do? If you're not gonna do it, someone's else gotta (like me) to fix all the old ones with merge conflicts.

  • The way forked translations work is not great, but if you are only writing translations purely to earn points, then let me tell you there are far easier ways to do that.

  • seems like a new way of not gaining points and waste my efforts, I will delete all my pending translations so other people don't get credit and points for them

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