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    The kata description states that "The last session in the array cannot end after the cinema closes". The session starting at 2:30 would end after the cinema closes at 3:00, which is why it isn't in the list. Hope this helps!

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    Hi everybody!
    Could you please explain why 2:30 can't be in the list of sessions?

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    The output should be a ciphered string.

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    Hi everyone,
    Can't pass the test:
    When checking
    result == 'nN oO mM 1234 *!?%'
    output: true
    test do not passed.

    Need you help, thak you!

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    Hi and welcome to Codewars - as this is your first ever solved kata, please note: you aren't supposed to post your solutions on Discourse page.

    You can discuss it in the Solutions page instead, which you can access in the tab under the kata title at the top of the menu.

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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution