• I love seeing aaaanything to do with Unicode, even something as wild as thisβ€”will definitely try and solve later! Might brush up on my Sumerian cuneiform at the same time as well, haha!

  • Hello, I think there is a anomaly on the test case

    18 D 12 L 20 U 12 R 5

    Indeed, the snake can turn around and grow as we have one space on the border, the head is never on the tail. it should be OK.
    Why to expect ((0, 5), 67) and not ((0, 5), 0) as all moves were successful?

  • Make sure that Python 3.8 is selected. This kata does not work with Python 3.6.

  • Hello,

    I am not able to run the game

    I am getting the error
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "main.py", line 2, in
    import codewars_test as test
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'codewars_test'

    I can remove the error from the test ... but not from the validation

  • I have noticed the same problem .
    I don't really understand it because in the test we have
    test.assert_equals(valid_word(['code', 'wars'], 'code'), True)

  • Sorry I have a problem to understand the limit of 72 bits...
    When I look at the diagram set as example with the text www.wikipedia.org. We can manage 17 characters and so the bits length is 4 + 8 (length) + 8 * 17 + 4 (Termination) = 152 bits.

    How to we fill the gap between the end of the 72 bits and the error codes? is the 72 limit misleading? Do we need to add alternate 11101100 and 00010001 to fill the gap up to 152?

  • I have the same question .... We have the example combinations(2,1) -->(9,3)
    In this configuration, we have all the points in a line but one ==> I don't see a way to have a quadrilaterals which is not a triangle + one point on one of the side. I think we need to take the name quadrilaterals in an extend way...

  • In the previous version, I was proposing a solution with global variable and ... some people were trying to use them. It was confusing. Now, everything is hidden in a class.

  • Dear reg123, I have modified the test case "Oh Oh Oh!" to make it more obvious

  • Have a look on your result of the test case "Non sumerian consonants". Indeed, sumerian doesn't have as many consonants as we need...

  • Hello,

    I have added WOMAN in the test case for simple words. I've verified and we don't have an confusion possible WOMAN is π’Œ‘π’Œ‹π’‘π’ˆ π’€­ and OOMAN is π’€‰π’–π’€‰π’ˆ π’€­.
    With regards to "WOULD" and "VOULD", you need to have a look at your results on the test case "Non sumerian consonants", there is a trick

  • crazy kata :p

    Is it possible there are errors in the text? I had to hardcode to get around "WOMAN" should equal "OOMAN" and "WOULD" shoudl equal "VOULD"...

  • '𒅀𒐑' Is this meant to be 'FO'. I'm getting a lot of errors like 'POUND' instead of 'FOUND' and 'PORE' instead of 'FORE'

  • I'm having quite a few issues with the '𒐑' character. The basic tests didn't allow me to fully work out how it combines with other characters. Perhaps there could be an extra few tests with key sounds generated from it?

    Btw, how long is the message at the end? I'm passing roughly half of the oliver twist tests and wanted to know if I'm anywhere near the end... :/

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