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  • As this is an 8 kyu level Kata, I understand the intention of not needing to validate inputs as a way to keep it simple for beginners, but didn't get the point of including the function inside a class. Wouldn't that probably confuse beginners as they could think the class was a necessary element for the function to work?
    Otherwise, good Kata for comprehending the usefulness of programming for little things like finding the perimeter of a rectangle.

  • could've been random, but the odds are astronomical! OP has a solution, no issue anyway, closed.

  • Not in this kata. Added a note to the description.

  • SOOO... Y Is nOt A wOvEl?

  • it's too easy add a strings in width and or length values

  • There is no such test there.

    Could've been a random test, though.

  • When reporting an issue, remember to state the language you're trying. Also, check how many solutions there already are for that language, if there are many, that's a sign the problem is with your code, not with the tests. I've checked Python and it works fine, was that the language you were trying? There is no such test there.

  • No, I solved it. And it is not a problem.
    You can't see all the test cases if you haven't solved it! You only see a few examples. The rest are hidden.
    Not a Kata issue (a quesiton), please resolve.

  • Are you having the same problem?

  • WHAT? It's another test that's in the hidden test cases. Or a random test.
    Please resolve!

  • I keep getting an error with the given test cases that tells me I failed a test that isn't there. There are individual tests for "Hello World" and "Sunday" but I'm being tested for "HelloWorld!Sunday", and I pass that too, so I'm not sure how I can possibly have failed any tests

  • Yeah, definitely a bit of opinion injection here on how to complete it. I agree with Alexandra, less initial code.

  • A suggestion, not an issue.

  • I think that this should be made a little bit harder. Maybe change the problem so that you are given the perimeter and you have to return two integers that could be the width and length?
    It could be made even harder if you had to create a new class that represented a rectangle...with a width, length, and isSquare boolean value? Then return the class?

  • This isn't meant for you.

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