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    Yeap, I know, I keep it, because I have a feeling that it helps warriors to understand my kata.

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    Thanks for you interest :-)

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    @B4B the browser rendering of the test output is busted because the test framework treats AssertionError differently, and Marty3000 raises AssertionError.
    The test output becomes red, but does not report any failed tests.
    I believe either the test framework or the kata test should behave differently here. User solutions obviously shouldn't be raising AssertionError, but this is a really confusing reaction to it.
    @Marty3000, replace your assertions with something else, maybe raise a different exception or handle the failure somehow. You should get more sensible test output after that.

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    I made a little change to the tests and you shouldn't get the error above any more. .. hopefully... Can you tell what's happening now? (you're code could still be helpful)

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    I guess the second error is caused by the failed perf test: one of the vars isn't defined. Here, the perf tests are dive by comparing the speed of your code against the one with the reference implementation. So it could be too slow even with that duration.

    I'll take a closer look at the perf test. Could you post your current code with a spoiler flag, plz?