• My JS solution passes the Basic Tests and then I get something like:

    expected 'Ashley' to equal 'Charles'

    for the Randoms. I'd appreciate clarification on this output. Thanks.

  • Please use new python test framework.

  • Why is this an OOP problem?

  • The problem is the random tests (at least in javascript, remember to mention the language when reporting an issue in a kata that has several languages) generate more than one student with the same name. So this:

    Each student will have a unique name

    isn't true;

  • This task definetely has a problem. My solution passed the test, and then failed with error kind of "expected Michael, but got Abram". (By the way, it's way too small information to solve the problem). But wonder is: then attempt was good without any changes in solution. I think, it should not be.

  • NASM translation approved.

  • that's great that you're obsessed with solving the kata but NOBODY WANTS YOU YELLING AT THEM LIKE THIS BECAUSE THINGS ARE NOT AS YOU WISH THEY WERE. if you want to see tests on a kata such as this one you are going to have to use console.log() to print the inputs. just because your code is passing the basic tests guarantees nothing, and if a knowledgeable coder can actually see your code and tell you there's a problem, the right thing to do would be say, "Thank you for reviewing my code", and get back to work.

  • As I said before, I am just learning javascript and I can not revise my code if I can not see where it goes wrong ! I WANT TO SEE THE RANDOM TEST so I can determin what is wrong with my code ! JUST saying that I have a bug and I have to revise it from the beginning, is not helping me at all ! The problem is that I am obsessed with this kata ! ALL THE OTHER KATAS I HAVE COMPLETED, show all the random tests, even if there where 200 tests. Sometimes there are specific exceptions!

  • (wave)
    Please, be very attentive because your code has a serious bug!
    Revise it once again from the beginning...

  • How all the student having same amount is taken.I'm getting wrong output everytime.BTW I'm multiplying the first three arguments with their respective fives,tens and twenties.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Thank you for the feedback! There was a bug in random tests. I've solved it in a fork and its waiting for the approval of the author or a moderator.

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