• You can just print the input: random testing reaches up to n = 100,000

  • I am running in a timeout when submitting my solution. I tested it for a limit of 1500 without running in a timeout.
    Which is the highest number use in the tests?

  • this is so clever i didnt think about using this method, very well done

  • there is a difference between a person trying to solve a 7kyu, i guess, it is not at all a 7 kyu at least needs to be 5 kyu. of course for "dan's" it might be a single line, but the complexity level should be set according to a person most likely to solve it i.e. a newbee.

  • Hi!

    Since the author of this kata is not gonna be around for some time (I know him personally), and only you two have solved the kata in the Python version (I think?), can you please approve the Ruby and C# translations I just wrote for the kata? :)

  • Maybe! I have to test if it is optimized enough. Will continue this discussion on the concerned kata ;)

    Errrr... That's mine, actually!!! ;-D


  • Or not ;-)

    Damn... Any leads for me? ;o

    however there is also an "improved" version made by same author

    Errrr... That's mine, actually!!! ;-D

  • use a generator, backed up by some structure. Or not...

    Or not ;-)

    original of SG-1 is actually broken

    Have seen that, however there is also an "improved" version made by same author, testable this time!

  • Thx for the link.

    Finally, I have the impression that those katas (about primes / at least the easier one) may do the exact same trick than the present one: use a generator, backed up by some structure. Or not... I don't know... ;)

    I will try original versions first

    Yeah sure. But be aware that the original of SG-1 is actually broken and undoable (unless you generate paths in the exact same way/order than the internal solution, despite what is said in the description. That's why I made mine) ;)

  • Stream concept is that you cannot duplicate it because it computes elements on the run.
    Of course, you can still buffering elements in another stream elements you consume - that's how itertools.tee works.
    You should have a look at this answer quite useful.

    As for your katas, I will try original versions first as they are still in beta and go for yours right after!

  • if you help me with streams, I could do them and translate them... ;p (Java is a pin in the ass, for me ;/ ). I did not try those yet, because of that. Maybe you could tell me if there is a way to duplicate a stream? (that bothers me since a moment, this one)

    BTW, did you try those? (I'm searching for candidates, yes! ;) )

  • Well I'm using Java everyday for work so I tend to use only Python when solving recreative katas on CW.
    However if you make a translation... :-P

  • Too bad, I was also hoping for a kata on generator.

    You'll have to learn a bit of Java: those ones are what you thought about ;)

  • 6 lines. ;)

    Generating primes is actually so (much) a common task on CW that, after a few weeks/months, you will look back at this one and gently laugh at your own comment. ;) (but well... 6 kyu wouldn't have hurt, I guess, yes. ;) )

  • Same here. I'm still slightly new to codewars, but when I see 7, I assume a one to 5 liner. This was not, hahaha. Good kata and thanks for replying! I just published my first one yesterday if you wanna check it out and give feedback.

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