• Lack of experience will very probably make for a less than good author. But I'd like to keep the value judgement that it sounds like out of it.

    We have all learned to crawl, then walk, then run.

    ( Besides, if it was indeed kata author, it's his own kata. :P )

    ( Also, feeling generous today. People publishing their first, duplicate, no random tests, kata may still get less generosity. :P )

  • Well, if you're a "good author", you don't expect everything to be completely correct + of course at least look in the comments...

  • Nah, just with some not good authors it happens.

    Don't mistake inexperienced for ungood.

  • Sometimes. And sometimes your translation sits there and gets no love. All in a day's work. :]

  • Nah, just with some not good authors it happens.

  • hmmph... see comments on translation.
    Someone took not even a glance and approved it :/

  • You did nothing wrong. Approver jumped the gun.

    If I'm reading the revision history correctly, the kata author approved it. He missed a couple indications the translation needed work yet.

  • Somebody blindly approved a faulty translation again...