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    It does not work when you do not change format it gives syntax errors

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    Why is the layer order reversed in the first dimension of the vector? Apparently 3-rd layer is at the top while 1-st layer is at the bottom but nowhere is this mentioned.

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    Image of dynamic euler eqation is broken.

    (Please use katex)

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    The initial solutions includes tabs.

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    No random tests

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    In the random tests, apart from randomizing the values within the cube, perhaps you could randomize the size of the cube (a, b and c) as well? Also, instead of having just one random assertion, perhaps you could put your random test in a for loop to perform, say, 100 random assertions instead?

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    You really need to do something to the description. Actually you need to clearify what knowledge is required to solve it.
    Pasting formulas without explaination does not help people to understand the task.

    For the first equation
    What do A, B, C, p, q, r, Gx, Gy, Gz stand for?

    The next
    What do ψ, θ, φ stand for?
    Are p, q, r related to the same name marks in the previous equation?

    The RK one
    What does f stand for?

    integrate this systems

    What do you mean by integrate?