• Quite a useful kata, and a lot easier than the rating suggests.

  • For those like me who struggle to understand what it means to unsubscribe when a callback function is given :

    Delete the first callback functions of the stack.

    I really this should be stated in the desciption because there are many tests where the same callback function is added multiple times...

  • Ruby 3.0 should be enabled.

  • In this sentence better term would be "callable" instead of "function". In python you can make any object callable by implementing __call__ function in its class.
    "Handler" in this context means nothing more than something you can call (function / object).

  • I don't understand this part (Python version):
    "it has a .subscribe() method, which takes a function and stores it as its handler"
    But in the tests it passes in a class??

    By "a function" it's actually meant a class with an init and a call(self, *args) method?
    And what is a handler?

  • check function.name

  • What is a handler?

  • Hey! I think this kata has some issues in JS version. Most part of it is result of trying to subscribe() the same function more than once and the TESTS(at attempt) are considering this valid as the description says this is not valid.

    Here: "each handler will be subscribed at most once at any given moment of time. It can still be unsubscribed and then subscribed again" at Instructions says that this is not possible but the 'attempt' tests are doing this.

    If possible, consider correcting this :)

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • it's the result of one of the handler functions. To which you sent the arguments in a incorrect way.
    Print the arguments inside your emit function, to see what's going on

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • The decription formatting is broken.

  • Stuck on this error ' should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe in handler code' and getting three fails
    Could anyone explain me, I am sure missing something in instruction et the description above !!

  • Add random tests :)

  • That's an issue.

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