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    An AI has infected a text with a character!!

    This text is now fully mutated to this character.

    text before = "abc"
    character   = "z"
    text after  = "zzz"

    You should return a string mutated to that char for the whole string. The rest of the instructions tell you what to do in some edge cases.

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    I'm talking about for when neither text or character are empty. I don't think returning a string of "hi" is what it wants in those instances. There are only instructions for what to do for when either character or text are empty.

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    See the example, your function should return a string.

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    I'm getting a 'Kata.Contamination(string, string)': not all code paths return a value error.
    The directions ask to do something if either test or character are empty, but what if both aren't? Am I meant to return something else?