• Great solution! My brain feels better after reading this, since my solution was the opposite of elegant.

  • Brilliant solution!

  • Great kata idea tho...
    snail for jagged arrays n * m
    where n and me can be >=0.

  • Arrays are always n * n

  • requirement:【nxn】array
    I think this solution will occur IndexOutOfRangeException when array is [3x5]array.
    I just thought.

  • There is why many translations sink and slient.

  • the author is active, so it needs a week before it's approvable by the 4k+s.

  • If I'm not mistaken, this way the csharp block will be shown for all languages. The first ("default") block should have some language tag.

  • Your solution doesn't work with alphanumeric markers (for instance, 0). These cases should be tested too.

  • @B4B Thanks for the heads up; translation forked, description edited, merge conflicts should be resolved and fork should be ready to be approved :)

  • unapprovable due to changes in the description. Please fork the current translation.

  • Looks good to me now; unfortunately, I am not able to approve it at this moment because it seems that the author of this Kata has recently become "active" again. If you haven't done so already, perhaps you could try posting in the Discourse to notify the Kata author of this C# translation (and mark it as a Suggestion)?

  • Another good point.

    Gotcha. I haven't used this site in a while so I don't know what I'm doing :p
    I'll submit the fork.

  • One more thing - if you create a new instance of Random in your RandomTest() definition and then call the RandomTest() method each time in your for loop, your random test is highly likely to be exactly the same each time because the (time) seed supplied to the Random constructor will likely be the same each time and therefore the sequence of values generated by each Random instance will very likely be the same. I would recommend creating a single instance of Random as a field in Tests instead and then using that to generate your random values, cheers :)

    BTW please note that this translation has already been rejected so you may want to fork the current translation and publish the fork in order to get that approved.

  • Good point. Should be good now

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