• the tests could be a bit nicer but overall a cute little kata (especially the extra hurdle with the trailing \n)

  • bad this kata(((

  • First and second point already mentioned below, and still open as issues.

  • When your test fails, the message doesn't help at all.

    (That's because it uses Test.expect, which you should never ever use when comparing for equality. Unless it's for a special reason or you already provide a helpful error...)

  • I don't understand why this kata's satisfaction is higher than 75%.

    There are many flaws:

    • There's no sample test cases (what you've put is useless and not relevant)
    • When your test fails, the message doesn't help at all. You should, at least, give the user's result and the expected result
    • I'm pretty sure I've already solved a very similar kata
  • Oh sorry, I overlooked the instructions, and I don't know why it's tagged "issue", it was meant to be just a suggestion

  • Not an issue, maybe a suggestion, but it's stated in the instructions:

    Your output cannot end with a newline.

  • The Kata could ignore a last line break, as many users will probably do this and get frustrated when it doesn't work

  • There are no sample tests.

  • Re-raising a better issue

  • Tests are correct.

  • python, and it does

  • Which language? Has your output a newline at the end?

  • I get the same rectagles but the output says it's different

  • in your tests:

    • don't use test.expect but test.assert_equals
    • you have to have fixed tests too (better "security")


    • no need to convert a string character... to a string (character...) ;p
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