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  • (java)
    the provided solution class name should not be lowercase and there is an extra space before the name isIsogram

  • well done

  • notice there are now 1,726 solves in C++, because I just solved it in C++ with absolutely flawless boolean logic no trouble whatsoever

  • Nope, just your code.

  • Yeah you are right, my code is broken, so is the editor and the "run sample tests".

  • notice there are 1,725 solves in C++, so there's no problem with the kata concerning returning booleans

  • My code logic is absolutely flawless, it passes the sample test cases, but when I try and ">Attempt", it shows me a failed case. Might have an issue with reurning booleans. The code works, thats for sure (since I checked it on my editor too.)

  • Hi. When posting code, please mark it as having spoiler content, otherwise everyone on frontpage can see your code. Also format it properly (link here)

    I don't know exactly how wrong it is, but I don't see you handling lower or upper case letters, to begin with...

    Sample tests are just examples, there's a lot more tests run when you hit submit to make sure your solution is correct, and if you're getting errors, it probably means it isn't.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Ah, that makes some sense, but I think how you're checking it is not gonna work. I'd suggest starting over and looking at other ways to solve the problem, maybe there's some data structures that could help you o_O

  • Thanks for the reply. Yep bad formatting, thanks for the link.
    In terms of checking adjacent characters that is based on sorting the characters initially with the Arrays.sort(arr) line.
    Maybe I need to just start over.

  • I'm really struggling to figure out what is it that you're trying to do.

    Your code seems to be checking only adjacent characters, but they could repeat anywhere in the string.

    matchArray[i] = (arr[i])

    That line just fills the array with holes when if condition isn't met, and the if before doesn't make much sense.

    The first if makes no sense to me whatsoever, I don't know when it would ever be true.

    Fundamentally, the way you're checking for repeating characters seems to be way off =/

    Also, when posting code, please use Markdown Formatting which makes code easier to read.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • ... well thats embarrasing! Thanks Chrono, can only improve from here! :-)

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