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    what does it means that letters has power, u gave no example of how it's being reflected
    is it for summing up the scrores of the remaining letters when the airstrike ends?
    or a letter with power of 2 can tolerate 2 bombs before it dies

    It shows that for people that are just getting started with codewars or programming in general,
    things that might seem clear to experienced people such as yourself, are not so clear at all and a hurdle in solving the kata.

  • I really liked your kata. I am just playing back some feedback that i got about this when sharing the challenge.
    It's just a suggestion to help improve clarity that you as the author are free to accept or refute. So i don't understand the defensive reaction.

    Having said that, please read my comment again. I gave just gave an example of how people can interpret the power levels wrong, since you asked.
    My suggestion was merely to state something along the lines of The sum of power levels of the groups after the airstrike decides the war outcome.
    Of course this information is implicit in the description and test cases, but it's better if it's immediately and unambigously clear.

  • You have ignored one of requirments from the description: The * bombs kill the adjacent letters . Or you didn't understand what the adjacent word means. So maybe I should also include definition of that word and link 50 pages of wikipedia just in case to handle other possible codewarriors' issues ;P

    People don't like to read, I prefer to keep it shorter. If you don't like it, there is a plenty of other perfect katas ;P

  • i solved it in a group and some initially thought the power levels denote how many bomb strikes a letter can survive. hence my suggestion.

    Wait for requirments from real customers in the future :P

    katas are for training. they should be fun and the requirements should be as clear as possible.
    From https://docs.codewars.com/authoring/guidelines/kata/

    Make requirements very clear.

  • How could you interpret it differently? Wait for requirments from real customers in the future :P

  • how the fuck are Regex solutions for this dumb question are voted as clever?

  • Maybe it would help to frame specifically that the side wins,
    which has the most power available after the airstrike happened.
    It's sort of implicit in the description and test cases right now,
    and you could interpret it differently.

  • OK. I removed numbers from the key. BTW. Just regular sort() on that was enough to handle it.

  • I have passed all the sample tests.But fail in random tests..When i console.log ..I was able to see that my code is failing where there is a number in key..But in the problem descriptionn there is no mention of how to manipulate keys with number..It just say alphabetical order..I am confused...

  • All bombs happen at the same time. So there is no any order of explosions.

  • "###j[ywph]wdk[kf]ca#q[ry]sx" expected "kfry"

    shouldn't it be 'ry' because out of the first 3 bombs, 2 of them destroys the first shelter and the 3rd one & last one destroys the "kf"?
    Or am i missing something?

  • rdkeciw

    Your code is adding those spaces.

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  • Resolved! :)

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