• "codwars.com///sjkfsalacwaehhmigzlzvv"

    This is not a valid URL.

  • This is a good kata but it's a 5kyu not a 6, I know that can't be changed though, just giving my opinion. Also it would be nice if the sample tests shown are actually the real basic tests, or, the test outputs include the inputs. Makes debugging easier.

  • Added that test case. Good catch!

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Confused by this.

    Expected: true, instead got: false

    Had to incorporate that exact URL into regex to pass.

  • Python random tests seem to be broken -- please see my issue.


  • I'll take too descriptive. I fixed the urls in the description to not be rendered as links anymore. Onward and upward!

  • Looks good. Two more suggestions:

    • put special charcters (see code block below) around the addresses to avoid them being converted on the fly into real links => http://codwars.com.codewars.com:
    • I believe that this is essentially the part about the subdomains that needs explainations (as you did, it's perfect). The other parts can be figured out more easily by the warrior on its own and are "regular stuffs" about this kind of task, I think. So the description might be a bit too much descriptive, now... ;s (I now, people are never satisfied... ;o ).
  • I'd been considering the ranking as well. I set it to 5 kyu. When I started writing the problem it seemed "easy" but never updated the ranking as the layers of the onion were peeled off to reveal it's difficulty, so that's on me.

    I've updated the description to explain more about URLs, subdomains, directories and querystrings. Can you review the new description to confirm that it's getting at the right things?


  • I think this could be because of the last example in the description: if you do not know how domain names work, you do not understand why the fouth return false while the second return true. That bugged my a moment before I understood what I had to do whith those two.

    Might need a description update?

    EDIT: @ desl: you evaluated this one at 8 kyu in the edit panel... Seriously!? That's a big joke! Search for similar katas, you'll find all of them at 6 kyu at least.

  • I think that's Ruby, Python, and Crystal approved now!

  • Much apologies for not having approved. I changed the description and so the merge fails. I changed it back and thought I'd approved everything (and then rolled the description forward). Give me some time and I'll approve.

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