• Observe the list given and ask yourself: "How are these numbers connected?"

  • I've read the description 10 times and still I don't know what is asked here.

  • Unpublished! Thanks everyone for your contribution! 👍

  • Ok, I see! Thanks for the contribution! 👍

  • The problem is that even if you enforced further performance requirements to the kata linked, it would not be a good kata because the linked kata has some solutions that are O(n); a user can simply unlock the easier linked version, submit the best code from the linked kata, and use it to solve your performance kata. This is one of the biggest problems with duplicate katas and something I personally dislike; however, others don't mind so much.

  • I've already mentioned it on Gitter, but I guess some might miss it, so I will also write here:

    I (me personally, others maybe not) consider the action of unpublishing a kata very invasive one, and when the author is active, it feels to me like a stern policing. I am reluctant to do this without proper back up, and issues like "this kata is similar to other similar kata" is not such. Issues raised above are the most unhelpful helpful thing ever, and I had to do a lot of scrolling, reading, and searching, to find something what would look like an actual duplicate to me.

    I think that this kata is not too similar to 2-Sum sums, but in my opinion Sum of pairs is similar enough to make this kata a close duplicate. I personally would vote for unpublishing this one, but I am also trying to keep things balanced: I see the kata collected some positive feedback (an explicit one, with the comments, and not just votes from people who vote everything green), and I am aware that being a PU I am, I can miss a part of the picture seen by less experienced users.

    I am still looking for ideas for handling duplicates, especially for a way to determine if two kata are such. But last days I am very busy with RL stuff and I have no time to push the topic further, and any form of help other than complaints or issues not backed by any helpful data would be nice. For the next time, I would really love to have some data to work on: "This kata is a duplicate of X because blah blah" or "It's different because X has this and this one has that.".

    I would personally vote "unpublish because close duplicate of Sum of pairs", but I can see differences between them and I can see how this kata can be attractive to newbies, so I am not pushing the button unless another mod confirms. There's 7 of them, they definitely have some opinion on the topic.

  • The first incarnation was about a completelly different topic, it was about the digits in a sequence of squared integers (14916253649...) and it was not a duplicate before, just that @Blind4Basics asked me to do not publish it as it can spoil a solution for a more complex kata that has a similar idea but involves summing infinite sequences and so on. So to do not have an empty kata that nobody even tried yet, I completelly changed the topic.

    I still do not consider any of the examples provided in the Alex's issue to a duplicates of this kata (yes, they may use a similar idea about array and a sum of two numbers, but the approaches and requirements are different in my opinion) so this is why I did not unpublish my kata yet. I want moderators decide this time if this kata is a duplicate or no, they are free to unpublish it any moment they want.

    Anyway, regardless of the outcome, I think this was my last attempt of creating katas. I do not see it worthy the time and effort so do not worry, I will not bother anymore creating duplicates or spoilers 🤷‍♂️

  • @FArekkusu, not sure I understand what you mean by "the easier katas already have many submitted O(n) solutions", but if for you that kata from the link is "same problem" - I do not see any reason even to start discussion 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Anyway, I let moderators decide if this kata is a duplicate or no, feel free to remove it if you think it does not worth publishing 🤷‍♂️

  • It still is. Or again. ( I haven't seen the first incarnation. )

    Before you get too attached to it, rack up many solves, translations and eventually enough upvotes to make it approvable - it should still be unpublished!

    Alex's Issue can only be solved by retiring either this kata or all duplicates ( which of course precede this kata ). Which also means it will never be approvable, because it can't be approved with open Issues on it.

    I hate to be the messenger, and I would have loved to see this kata get approved and translated, but unless CodeWars rules are changed, every day this kata is allowed to live does you a disservice. Because under current rules, it is doomed. Unless all mods suddenly decide that duplicates are OK if kata are popular enough.

  • It is not too bad for a hard 7kyu IMO since it has that little tweak.

  • This is at least a 5, maybe even 4kyu.
    I think the people rating these things have been around too long on Codewars. This kind of Kata becomes easier every time, but that doesn't mean they're really easy.

  • My brain hurts after that one!

  • What if I decide to get 187 beers next time? ^_^

  • Kata was a pure joy!

  • And why do you think memoization should fail the performance tests?

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