• I'm closing as nobody else mentioned crashing tests ever since.

  • Ok now.

  • Hey John, funny I came on here as I noticed some of the solutions didn't account for when the triple and the double are different, and I see you already caught it. Nice solution by the way.

  • Test cases (that aren't the sample ones) are only editable in Ruby right now (the others are locked). But nice catch.

  • For this special test, look at the grid you'll receive for the next test to understand what you shouldn't do. It's not about strategies but about computations

  • awesome, ty :)

  • not an issue, read CAREFULLY the description again... ;)

    EDIT: the beginning, not the part about handicap

  • In your example, the pixel at position 601 does not have depth 6. There is a pixel at position 541 (colour 7) that can be reached from it in only 4 steps. The same pixel can be reached from position 630 in 5 steps.

    Were you thinking that the steps should be all in the same direction? The picture in the problem description shows that they don't have to be, but perhaps I should state that in the text as well.

    Sorry for the trouble.

  • Instead of continuing down to ground floor 0 to pick up the last person wanting to go up (to 3), you changed direction to go back and get that last guy back on level 5.

    By changing direction you violated my rule:

    If it was going down then it may continue down to collect the lowest floor person wanting to go up

  • No other kata's mislead users with the solution template.

    Yes, they do, but they do it on purpose.

    Is this still an issue?

  • Thanks for your kind feed :)

  • Thanks! Good point.

  • Hi johncoleman83. I tested the some of the solutions that passed in the Ruby Version and their run times are all under 10.000ms. Yours exceed the 12.000ms. Perhaps you have to rethink some parts of the algorithm you used. The Ruby version of this kata was made by GiacomoSorbi #2 top-ranked user and is one of the fastest of all. I'll mark the issue as solved. If you think that the servers are not working you may send the issue to: http://www.codewars.com/docs/ruby-test-reference, explaining the details of what you observed. Thanks for your time spend it, and I encourage you to solve it, you're so close. :) (The line with =end should not go)(Don't forget to enclose your codes in the future with the backsticks."your code")

  • Hi narayanswa30663,

    thanks for your opinion.

    But why harsh? For me failed tests seem as wrong solution and it isn't a reason to make an issue.

    The modifying of the passed array is called side effect and it's at least a bad practice. Moreover it brings in this kata to wrong result.

    I have changed the tests and added the "missed" line in the description (to make sure). I hope now it's enough clear.

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