• The comments in your solution make me ignore it and move on.

  • Commenting code which does magic now considered a bad practice? By who?
    If it's math magic, it is still magic.
    Names trick does not help here at all, btw.

  • Are you trolling? This is a one line function which is 8 characters long. We have no control over the function name/ file name. Explaining the programming language/ framework, or in this example, plain old math, is considered a bad practice.

    You may argue that because 'it is helpful to translate the meaning of some obscure argument or return value into something that’s readable.' Or that 'when [the code] is part of the standard library, or incode that you cannot alter, then a helpful clarifying comment can be useful.'

    But to explain math to a future programmer in the comments would be considered harmful noise. This is because important comments will just be ignored after a while.

    The adage: 'Don’t Use a Comment When You Can Use a Function or a Variable' is applicable here. I convert this block to english like so: 'To sum the row of odd numbers, I cube the row index'. I cannot see any value in adding a comment here.

  • Yes, indeed. Do not write comments where code is clean.


    How can clean code in this example explain anything? Why you should believe this code is right?
    Another people said so?

  • Read clean code. It recommends the exact opposite.

  • To make people who read you solution to understand it.

    Not a best solution with a good explanation in real world worth much more, than ideal solution
    with no explanation.

    Supporting projects with lack of comments is always a pain. Try it once to feel it.

  • "Best Practices" would be to explain solution in comment.

  • I'm not clear on the instructions and the purpose of calculating the winning number for each person, do we have to sort each winning number-person pair, and then return the name whose index= n? If someone can paraphrase the whole instruction more clearly, I'd really appreciate it

  • Thank you for this. I recommend naming the variables explicitly next time. For example naming n what ever that was (index_of_winner?) and we (weights?). Such short names are advised against in books such as clean code because it unnecessarily obfuscates the codes meaning

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • From a mathematical standpoint, returning zero is not that bad. Only if the calculation really was wrong you should throw an error (inserting letters for example)

  • fair enough :

    @renjia93 , I hereby register my opinion that it's wierd to expect 0 in above case.

    just an opinion of course :)

  • Hey.

    We expect 0 in this case because that was the challenge set by @renjia93 for this kumite. Namely

    "if no positive number in array, return 0."

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