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    • more sample tests would be good (typically, you could put all the fixed tests of the full test suite in there)
    • an option to be able to print the maze in the fixed tests of the full test suite would be good too, (for those that aren't in the sample tests, if any)
    • you should remove the random thing in the sample test. It's supposed to be a basic debugging tool, so nobody wants something random there

    'later ;o

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    it would help if your testing function would raise an error if the user is trying to move on a wall or outside of the maze. Currently, it looks like you just silent the move and keep going. (is that specified, btw??)

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    • Test framework and solution should be imported explicitly
    • Sample tests are not using describe and it blocks correctly
    • No random tests
    • There're already several katas about method chaining