• Subtract the reversed x.

    The description never mention anything about reversing the x, then suddenly ask us to subtract it?

  • Understanding the kata is the kata.

  • If the title was "Groucho Marx is watching you", what would you think of it?

  • This might have been a reasonable kata if the explanation was a bit better.

    Test.assertSimilar(conv(15795379351687), "15795379351sixSIXsixSIXeightEIGHTeig7")
    Test.assertSimilar(conv(157953793516872), "OFISEVNINEFIVEfTHREEtSEVENseNINEnineTHREEthreFIVEfiveFIONEoneONEon68SEVENsevenSEVE2")

    "Strings alternate in type cases: starting in lowercase to uppercase and so on based on position." <= From instructions

    Can anyone slowly explain how the sentence case is calculated for the above 2 tests?
    For example, why doesn't it switch at the beginning of the 2nd test?
    This is what I get:

    The string length is odd so the rule "starting in lowercase to uppercase" is reversed so you start in uppercase.
    Then I alternate the case for every new digit and "within" (e.g. sevenSEVEN ) the digit if the number word requires more than one word.

    My text output is fine; just the sentence case is wrong in some instances.

  • yeeeah mr Chrono but title of this kata is wrong)

  • two is in the second position, so only 2 letters should be used, and the expected value is tw instead of two.

  • the title expected: 1 two 3 four 5 equal to: 1 tw 3 four 5
    whats your problem

  • Taking the below test case as an example I can't figure out why "zero" is lower case in the solution. As the fourth index in the number it seems that it should be upper case, or if we are only to look at the number of writen out numbers, then it is the second index of that so it should be uppercase. Could someone please offer an explination as to why it is lower case in the solution?

    test.assert_equals(conv(47309534), "f73zero953fourFOUR")

  • Test.assertSimilar(conv(157953793516872), "OFISEVNINEFIVEfTHREEtSEVENseNINEnineTHREEthreFIVEfiveFIONEoneONEon68SEVENsevenSEVE2")

    nowhere in the details does it say to return amount of letters as the index. this description is not good enuogh not even nearly.

  • Python and Ruby translation kumited :) please review and approve ~~

  • Shit!
    I have been working on avoiding this cases all this time...

  • clever, but a bit over the top

  • Not sure if I would recommend this approach for engineers of Burj Khalifa, tho :)

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