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    Nice kata, well done.

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    Switching to node 10 (it was set to 6.11 by default) fixed the problem.

    @B1ts: Thank you very much for your help!

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    I just checked, there are no console logs anywhere in the tests :D

    And again, using your given code, 5 submits worked without a problem.

    Try switching to node 10 and resetting the kata, if that's not already the case.

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    Are you sure you're not logging anything? I submitted 10 times, not a single time I got this error.

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    Max Buffer Size Reached (1.5 MiB), even though I'm logging nothing.

    Solution fails even though I pass all the tests.

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    I haven't followed the discussion above closely, so the translation may have gotten stung by the wasps' nest in the meantime. Oh well, somebody might let us know ..

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    Approved eventually. :D

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    yup, well done. :)

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    @B4B, I tried option number 2. Better now?

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    I hcecked pythoàn and it sounds pretty good. The only remaining trouble is the concatenation of the describe/it blocks. 2 ways out of this:

    • either close each block at the appropiate place using print("<COMPLETEDIN::>")
    • or rewrite the test suite using the new test framework, with:
    @Test.describe("Basic Tests")
    def basicTests():
        #do stuff here...
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    Why the hell JS tests still have undefined and NaN?!

    That's because the initial author had them in, so we left them for a while. I removed NaN and undefined altogether.

    • Fixed sorting for sample tests (python and JS)
    • Restructured sample tests to look more readable (idk with scoping in python if it's aight)

    Might be some typos from copy pasting, idk... Please tell me it's fixed now =/

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    Why the hell JS tests still have undefined and NaN?!

    Fixed tests are not sorted in JS as well.

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    sounds good to me (I checked python version)

    I just wonder about one single thing now: shouldn't the assertions of the fixed tests use the sorting too?

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    Made some changes

    • Increased random tests to 100 (JS)
    • Constrained columns to have items of 1 type only: string / number / boolean (+ random null / undefined / NaN / None)
    • Added some basic tests with higher and different indices
    • Added sorting, meaning results' order doesn't matter now

    Please confirm that it's working and if issue is resolved (especially python)

    Lastly, I feel strongly that undefined shouldn't be populating lists at all, null is enough. Undefined shouldn't exist in SQL queries. Change my mind.

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    I'm afraid you opened a nasty can of worms with this, B4B :P Sorting the results seems to be the least of my worries. I wish this wasn't approved so hastily.

    Do the columns have different data types in different rows? Yes
    That means changing how random tests are generated. (fixed tests seem fine)

    This seems fixable. Assigning each column a random type generator function (each with chance to generate null, NaN for numbers, None for python, etc.)

    I'll try playing around and fixing this later tonight.

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