• Anticheat tells me that I am using "os", but I do not. Why is it telling me that? I can post my code if needed.
    I only use operators like: *, +, %, and //

  • ive just returned n and i see i cant pass anticheat kek

  • 'looks like u solved it'

  • This is more manual than the expected solution, hardly anyone would try this(except people coming from C background :P)

    Edit: JS and ruby are easily "hackable", I know that.

  • . . .aaaand there's this

  • not sure how this is kyu 7. Pretty new to javascript, and people with similar ability to me shouldn't come across these. Great kata tho :)

  • uh, quick question . . .

  • anyone else get all except for 1 problem correct? is there an issue with the test script?

  • I changed the comment in initial code, I'm editing the description aswell

  • That's solve the problem, thanks a lot !!!

  • It's failing because of the " in the comment, remove it, change the comment style to #, your choice.

  • The anticheat is triggering with the comment in the initial code:

    def reverse(n):
        """Returns n with all digits reversed. Assume positive n."""
        #your code here

    Either remove the comment or change it to use #. Also, an explicit message about why it failed would be good.

  • "Show your code, with proper markup and a spoiler tag, please."

    And then you'll find that the restrictions in this kata are quite artificial, arbitrary and not necessarily all that well implemented. Also, you may be able to see them, but until he's solved the kata, poster can't.

    Best thing to do might just be to post the restriction enforcement for Python, in actual code.

  • Show your code

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