• Done
    Thank you!

  • Done (:
    Thank you!

  • My mistake, [1,2,8,9] is a valid input. I suppose I need a coffee (:
    I'll add it now to the example tests.

    And I added random tests, 1000 iterations, this should cover almost all the cases (statistically speaking).

  • 19:28?
    If [1,2,8,9] is not a valid input, can you specify what is expected more clearly in the description?

  • I don't think [1,2,8,9] is a vaild input. What time should it output?

  • Thanks I'll add random tests and couple of example test cases.

  • Edge case tests like [1, 2, 8, 9] would be nice to have.

  • No random tests given =(

    Also it would be great to have at least one in example test cases.

  • I don't understand why people vote this for "Best Practices" when this is clearly don't.
    The solution is good, but all of the solutions here are the some. The different is he don't use let for this variables, don't give them a propre names, leave his console.log in his submit solution, and don't use "Best Practice" style (he need to write his { in the same line, for example).

    This is not a good solutions newbies need to learn from, especially when the second one (right below it) is much better (still not perfect).