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  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • I may be experiencing issues with the test fixtures that you mention above. When I click "run tests" my solution passes all 4 provided tests. When I click "submit", however, all tests pass except for the very last one, which states, "Expect 102 false positives of 519." Outside of codewars and the test fixtures, my solution seems to be working... would you be willing take a look at my code and verify if this is a test fixture problem?

  • Just to be pedantic, I'd mention that you don't have to deal with numbers with decimal points too. Otherwise, great kata!

  • This is because toFixed() returns a string but number is expected.

    +n.toFixed(3) works perfectly.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • remove was the hardest part of the functional lists, and it's the same for this one.

  • Hi nklein.

    True, I've removed the tag now :)

  • Thanks for your feedback. I think, you're right about the level, I'll change it to 6 kyu.

    Update: OK, even hours later, the level isn't updated. In the kata editor the "6 kyu" is selected, but everywhere else "5 kyu" is shown. Maybe I can't change it, after it's out of the beta?

  • I agree. I had no idea what to do until I saw your comment, @nklein. Please fix up the description

  • Dang it, that was a copy/paste mistake...

  • Oh yeah, in regards to your progress going up without completing any new kata. As beta kata get ranked and approved those ranks are applied to your progress. Also we did a data correction on the site last night so that may have affected your progress as well.

  • I took the "it doesn't progress you forward" language out as it was confusing (and incorrect, you progress, just not by enough to really be noticed). The language for "the order in which you complete the kata will not affect your rank progression" will likely need to be changed to as that seems to be confusing as well. That was put in there because originally we had an algorithm where order did affect your overall progress... meaning you could possibly have a different rank/progression value than someone else who did the same exact kata but in a different order.

    In the current scheme you have an overall progression score, where each rank is set to an exponentially higher milestone value. No matter what order you do the kata in your overall progression score will be the same. So in that sense order doesn't matter. However you are right, if you were to do 10 3 kyu kata and then 10 5 kyu, as opposed to the other way around, than during that process you would have ranked up faster. In the end though you would still have the same exact progression score.

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