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    Rust translation. Please review and approve

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    It was difficult at first, but I did it.
    Nice kata!

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    It was hard, I spent 2 days and 2 nights, but I made it. It's fucking awesome!
    Good for everyone

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    thanks for the tip

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    ahh, okay I think I get what you're saying thank you

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    You need to do a deeper analysis of the group, it is not enough to take the most popular letter of the group and assume that it was encoded with the letter "E" (this does not always work). Look at it this way - each group is encrypted with the Caesar cipher and for that group you need to understand what shift was used in its encryption. By analyzing the shift - you can find the correct letter.

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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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    Сначала не понял, а потом как понял)

    Cool kata

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    Loved the challenge!

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    Hi there.
    I've resolved the algorith and most of interactions on random tests takes less then 20milisecons, but some times, when the keylenght is increasing, the amount of time to execute can reach 1.5 seconds specially after length 6+. So I've experiencing the 12seconds timeout of the server, normally after execute more than 110 random tests. Here’s my log:

    Fixed tests
    keylen: 8 key: CODEWARS this: 10ms tot: 28ms
    keylen: 8 key: VIGENERE this: 7ms tot: 37ms
    keylen: 7 key: BABBAGE this: 3ms tot: 42ms

    Random tests
    keylen: 1 key: E this: 2ms tot: 53ms
    keylen: 1 key: A this: 2ms tot: 55ms
    keylen: 1 key: X this: 1ms tot: 57ms
    keylen: 1 key: F this: 1ms tot: 58ms
    keylen: 1 key: C this: 1ms tot: 60ms
    keylen: 1 key: F this: 3ms tot: 63ms
    keylen: 1 key: I this: 1ms tot: 67ms
    keylen: 1 key: R this: 1ms tot: 69ms
    keylen: 1 key: W this: 1ms tot: 70ms
    keylen: 1 key: O this: 1ms tot: 72ms
    keylen: 1 key: I this: 1ms tot: 74ms
    keylen: 1 key: W this: 1ms tot: 75ms
    keylen: 1 key: C this: 1ms tot: 77ms
    keylen: 1 key: V this: 1ms tot: 79ms
    keylen: 1 key: P this: 1ms tot: 80ms
    keylen: 1 key: O this: 1ms tot: 82ms
    keylen: 1 key: Z this: 1ms tot: 83ms
    keylen: 1 key: T this: 1ms tot: 85ms
    keylen: 1 key: C this: 1ms tot: 87ms
    keylen: 1 key: Y this: 2ms tot: 89ms
    keylen: 2 key: NQ this: 1ms tot: 90ms
    keylen: 2 key: BZ this: 1ms tot: 92ms
    keylen: 2 key: FA this: 1ms tot: 94ms
    keylen: 2 key: ZD this: 1ms tot: 95ms
    keylen: 2 key: GP this: 12ms tot: 107ms
    keylen: 2 key: OK this: 1ms tot: 108ms
    keylen: 2 key: RB this: 1ms tot: 109ms
    keylen: 2 key: QA this: 0ms tot: 110ms
    keylen: 2 key: SV this: 5ms tot: 116ms
    keylen: 2 key: FH this: 1ms tot: 117ms
    keylen: 2 key: JK this: 1ms tot: 118ms
    keylen: 2 key: IK this: 1ms tot: 119ms
    keylen: 2 key: CM this: 1ms tot: 121ms
    keylen: 2 key: XP this: 1ms tot: 122ms
    keylen: 2 key: BK this: 1ms tot: 123ms
    keylen: 2 key: XJ this: 2ms tot: 129ms
    keylen: 2 key: RE this: 1ms tot: 130ms
    keylen: 2 key: PB this: 1ms tot: 131ms
    keylen: 2 key: VS this: 1ms tot: 132ms
    keylen: 2 key: XL this: 1ms tot: 134ms
    keylen: 3 key: VYA this: 1ms tot: 135ms
    keylen: 3 key: UUP this: 3ms tot: 138ms
    keylen: 3 key: JKT this: 3ms tot: 141ms
    keylen: 3 key: TTY this: 3ms tot: 145ms
    keylen: 3 key: VBG this: 2ms tot: 147ms
    keylen: 3 key: COW this: 18ms tot: 166ms
    keylen: 3 key: NQF this: 25ms tot: 191ms
    keylen: 3 key: YAW this: 21ms tot: 213ms
    keylen: 3 key: WHV this: 1ms tot: 214ms
    keylen: 3 key: SPZ this: 3ms tot: 217ms
    keylen: 3 key: BZL this: 25ms tot: 242ms
    keylen: 3 key: CQH this: 1ms tot: 243ms
    keylen: 3 key: DNR this: 1ms tot: 244ms
    keylen: 3 key: HBQ this: 34ms tot: 278ms
    keylen: 3 key: EUC this: 14ms tot: 292ms
    keylen: 3 key: RQX this: 1ms tot: 293ms
    keylen: 3 key: JVP this: 12ms tot: 305ms
    keylen: 3 key: PRE this: 33ms tot: 339ms
    keylen: 3 key: MFM this: 12ms tot: 351ms
    keylen: 3 key: BGJ this: 1ms tot: 356ms
    keylen: 4 key: DCOK this: 7ms tot: 363ms
    keylen: 4 key: CSBP this: 5ms tot: 368ms
    keylen: 4 key: OWGT this: 5ms tot: 374ms
    keylen: 4 key: YXBY this: 292ms tot: 666ms
    keylen: 4 key: OADY this: 3ms tot: 670ms
    keylen: 4 key: XLXK this: 4ms tot: 674ms
    keylen: 4 key: JJTI this: 253ms tot: 927ms
    keylen: 4 key: CKMH this: 2ms tot: 929ms
    keylen: 4 key: IHHJ this: 96ms tot: 1025ms
    keylen: 4 key: IIZO this: 90ms tot: 1116ms
    keylen: 4 key: BVPV this: 91ms tot: 1207ms
    keylen: 4 key: RRHD this: 108ms tot: 1315ms
    keylen: 4 key: AEOU this: 106ms tot: 1422ms
    keylen: 4 key: PTFP this: 97ms tot: 1520ms
    keylen: 4 key: EIGU this: 1ms tot: 1521ms
    keylen: 4 key: PFUH this: 1ms tot: 1523ms
    keylen: 4 key: IRAC this: 1ms tot: 1524ms
    keylen: 4 key: RKCW this: 1ms tot: 1525ms
    keylen: 4 key: THGB this: 2ms tot: 1527ms
    keylen: 4 key: RXVJ this: 1ms tot: 1528ms
    keylen: 5 key: LNGFN this: 18ms tot: 1546ms
    keylen: 5 key: ITBFX this: 19ms tot: 1565ms
    keylen: 5 key: EOGRB this: 80ms tot: 1645ms
    keylen: 5 key: KUSUZ this: 9ms tot: 1655ms
    keylen: 5 key: TCMXP this: 25ms tot: 1680ms
    keylen: 5 key: LDIEY this: 586ms tot: 2266ms
    keylen: 5 key: KBFFU this: 265ms tot: 2531ms
    keylen: 5 key: EGSFO this: 2ms tot: 2534ms
    keylen: 5 key: BQFLL this: 2ms tot: 2537ms
    keylen: 5 key: QGLZI this: 3ms tot: 2541ms
    keylen: 5 key: ZXZBP this: 148ms tot: 2690ms
    keylen: 5 key: DCOKB this: 3ms tot: 2693ms
    keylen: 5 key: XSYQX this: 84ms tot: 2777ms
    keylen: 5 key: COXZM this: 2ms tot: 2781ms
    keylen: 5 key: FNDNI this: 12ms tot: 2793ms
    keylen: 5 key: CTTYY this: 20ms tot: 2814ms
    keylen: 5 key: WJAFH this: 3ms tot: 2817ms
    keylen: 5 key: YUNKP this: 14ms tot: 2831ms
    keylen: 5 key: ACVYJ this: 3ms tot: 2834ms
    keylen: 5 key: MQCGK this: 3ms tot: 2837ms
    keylen: 6 key: YGFNPM this: 1442ms tot: 4279ms
    keylen: 6 key: XPBXRS this: 281ms tot: 4561ms
    keylen: 6 key: ALUKFO this: 4192ms tot: 8754ms
    keylen: 6 key: NWPWXM this: 21ms tot: 8776ms
    keylen: 6 key: HWJHBA this: 287ms tot: 9064ms
    keylen: 6 key: BAEQQS this: 9ms tot: 9074ms

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    Rejected. No random tests.

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