• Good call. I corrected it. Should be fine now.

  • Thanks. I added test as suggested by @myjinxin. I wasn't sure how to make Codewars time out as @kazk said. I run ir few times, and I think I found a time limit that should work for some obvious mistakes.
    I will be happy for more feedback on it.

  • I actually not sure how to test for time complexity. I read the documentation on Test, but couldn't find any reference to it. I would really appreciate help with it.

    One could be tempted solve the problem by interagating through each time when the kids play, and fill the whole array with max. That would make it O(N*M). But it can be done O(N+M).

  • Thanks. Sorry for the spell check.... and also for making it clearer.

  • Hello everyone, Is there a way to write test that check time complexity of a code? I just wrote a kata, and would like to test for it. Thanks for the help.