• Thanks! Yeah I like the fun stories too. It made it more fun to write, anyway.

  • Thanks! I'll take a look and try get this fixed, been a bit of a while since I used the interface.

  • The comments are not where you leave your solutions. Please remove this.

  • Just mathematics. You know that an increase or reduction in strength value is going to occur - a number will change - and 'multiplier' takes care of it. You know you have to use the multiplier. You can see that the 'strength' value will be 'modified' in the description.

    Not every ticket you ever get (I design problems for beginners and juniors hoping for a career in development) will be of the most crystal clear clarity, and I wanted to make problems that involved a story whereby the need is stated although perhaps not in the most technical language.

  • It's pretty clear in the description whether qualities are on an AND or an OR basis. Evil AND cunning. Studious OR intelligent.

    Don't worry about if failed Slytherins or Gryffindors end up in other houses. That's not how it really works. The hat just tells you where you go, not whether you just narrowly missed it. Some would say that's why there is Hufflepuff :)

  • Not all problems you will be given will have the most logical instructions. One must occasionally discern the meaning from plain English and from stories/scenarios.

  • True, but it's well over a year old now and I was new to SQL back in those days.

  • Random tests are favourable otherwise people just hardcode solutions to the test. Your solution should work for all possible scenarios.

  • ¡Lo siento! Quería ser un poco impreciso, por diversión. La línea "La tabla de multiplicadores dentro de su Pokedex se encargará de eso" fue una pista. Debería haber pensado en lo bien que se traduciría.

    Espero que lo hayas solucionado :)

  • I can take a look at it but honestly, I wrote this about a year ago, I was a beginner to SQl and I'm now out of practise. If the data's coming back with 2 won and 2 lost, then it must have collated them, but I don't, at this time, remember.

  • The sentence lacks nothing. If you would like to correct a native speaker with a degree in literature, then by all means show me where the missing verb is.

    I suppose I could omit the second comma, if we're being nitpicky. "Each row of the table records, alongside their name, whether they won or lost as well as the move." The informatino about the name could be removed with no effect on flow.

  • Group by name was mentioned in the first bulletpoint, but I can repeat it if you think it makes it clearer?

  • If someone won, then the match is marked as "won", or with a tick, or with a smiley face, or - seeing as we're programmers - with a 1. If they lost, you might have used a big old X, or a sad face, but we shall use a 0. If someone won 3 times, they will have 3 records marked with a 1, and if you were to add those records you'd have "3 wins". If they had fought 10 matches, they'd have ten records. If they won 7 of them, 7 of the records would have a 1 in the win column, and 3 of the records would have a 0 in the win column.

    Think ticks and crosses, if it helps.

  • I ran my solution as a sample test and it was fine.

  • Could you explain in more detail?

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