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  • Key names in the description are in snake_case but is actually camelCase in the tests.

    Also, description writes "sea," and "island," instead of "sea" and "island" for the terrains.

  • Had a similar issue with Jane. Copied "jane_reporting_4_duty" from the description instead of "janeReporting4Duty" took my for ever to realize.

  • The power for humans = 1, as seen in the instructions. That means you have to do a calculation like clientObj.crew * 1 (this gives you the total power for the appropiate species), replicate for other properties in monkObk.

  • The Objects monkObj and clientObj keyValue pairs are named differently, in the description they are snake_case when in reality they are camelCase. Seems like a pretty big oversight to me. Could we fix the readme or the tests one or the other. Also, "sea," and "island," might be correct way to use in english but in the actual tests the key value pairs are "sea" and "island" can we get some consistent names please?


  • Hi guys,
    can anyone let me know what is meant by:
    Multiplying power levels against the headcount of the appropriate species?
    Thanks a lot!

  • JS :

    • added more fixed tests
    • changed all casing to camelCase
    • added a lot of random tests

    I increased the number of tests to make sure it would generate edge cases such as >= vs > etc. .

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Nice work on the revisions! I am in the middle of another difficult kata right now, but once I'm finished I'll come back to work through this one again from the beginning so I can give you my vote and any additional comments.

    Sorry about the "slings and arrows". My intention is to be constructive but I don't always come across that way when making comments, especially late at night. I do tend to be direct. Thanks for taking my comments in the right spirit :)

  • Reading the description over again, I think that it is economical enough to resolve the suggestion; feel free to re-open the case if you find anything you still feel falls on the extraneous side :)

  • I did a quick pare-down -- I might go back and cut things down even more but it's a lot less intimidating for the time being!

  • Should be all set!

  • Should be fixed now.

  • Got too excited :) Fixing now! Thanks again Paul!

  • Good point! Fixing now..

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