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  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Nice kata! Now I'm hungry...

  • Nice kata! It has a reasonable degree of difficulty for someone getting familiar with reading and creating objects, besides addressing some other useful features like rounding. It seems to have practical application, too!

  • I found the nitpicky-ness of the float points tough to manage w/ JS rounding, but I worked it out using a replace. Consider accepting 120.0g instead of 120g, or clarifying in instructions (removed as issue and re-posted as comment!)

  • OK, it's great now! :)

  • Okay thank you, I added a note at the bottom that any letters may be used.

  • Hey, with my inital solution I hard coded the 'B's and the 'b's as I didn't realise other letters would be used. Maybe make that clear in the kata description? Sorry if you have and I just can't see it!

  • Hi Tasnim, hopefully my changes made this a little clearer! Thank you for your comment.

  • Hi FrankK,
    I have made it ascending now, matching the order os of the number, with the order of the the match, so "23" all the variations of "2" then match to the variations of "3" etc, I have also made this clearer, please let me know if there is more you think I should add :)

  • Hi ZozoFouchtra, thank you for pointing that out, I have sorted that issue, so that the numbers have to go in acending order, no more 2's being after 9's! thank you for your feed back.

  • Hi, I think in the description you could give an example of what the function should return. Then the reader can figure out what they need to do with their results. Also, in your solution some of your arrays aren't sorted. If that's how it's meant to be, you'll need to give the reader the necessary information

  • Yeah, the test was checking if your path was going in steps of 1, but the error message was wrong. I confirm that you do need to start from [0,0]. Thank you for spotting it out!

  • Hi franzmoro88, I noticed how in some of your random tests i'll get an error saying the path array should not start from [0,0]. But in the tests prior to the random tests it will say path array should start from [0,0]. Maybe have a look at these errors?

  • Thank you for leaving this template. I used this example and was able to submit my Javascript solution.

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