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    [I'll fix them, soon]

  • Needs random tests

  • (This last because the Test.expectError() call does not seem to handle errors as stated.)

    This is actually because you didn't read the docs properly and see that Test.expectError expects a function argument. You have to wrap the call into a function.

  • Input validation does not add to the problem. Please just don't.

  • Polygons with points in clockwise order are not tested.

  • Could somebody subtitle what the defining property of a curve "like this" is? I don't feel like reverse engineering it.

  • As with http://www.codewars.com/kata/point-in-polygon-1/

    Polygons like these were not tested:

    var thisPolygon = {'polygon' : [
    		{'moveto' : {'x' : -5, 'y' : -5}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 5, 'y' : -5}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 0, 'y' : 0}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 4, 'y' : 4}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 3, 'y' : 1}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 1, 'y' : 0}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 5, 'y' : 0}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : 5, 'y' : 5}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : -5, 'y' : 5}},
    		{'lineto' : {'x' : -5, 'y' : -5}},
    thisPoint = {'x' : 1.01, 'y' : 1};
    Test.assertEquals(pointInPoly(thisPolygon, thisPoint), false, 'Point is outside the polygon');
    thisPoint = {'x' : 0.99, 'y' : 1};
    Test.assertEquals(pointInPoly(thisPolygon, thisPoint), true, 'Point is inside the polygon');

    And I believe many solutions will fail on convex polygons like that.

  • (This last because the Test.expectError() call does not seem to handle errors as stated.)

    Test.expectError takes a function argument, which it calls and expects an error to occur. You're probably writing something like:

    Test.expectError(somefn(baddata)); // error occurs outside of Test.expectError so it can't handle it

    rather than,

    Test.expectError(function () {
      somefn(baddata); // error doesn't occur until Test.expectError calls this function, so it catches it

    Note that the first way (the way that didn't work) is equivalent to this:

    var result = somefn(baddata); // error occurs here
    Test.expectError(result); // of course it can't get to this line, it's already halted due to the error
  • What's the point of saying a polygon can contain curves, if it can't really contain curves?

  • Again, I think the data structure add unecessary difficulty.

    I feel like you should have three kata: point in poly (4kyu) bezier curve (5 kyu) and this easy kata (5/6 kyu) wich would use both previous kata. Here you chose to give an introduction to point in polygon but not bezier curve. So this kata is a bit misleading as one can think it is about points in a polygon but it is about bezier curves.

  • Nice kata. I don't get the point of adding lineto and moveto in the polygon description. I think an array of points would suffice.

  • OK, I was doing the latter, and wondering why it was recieveing the error, and then throwing another error. I should probably rewrite this. Thanks!

  • Hi wfleet, the Test.expectError call has worked for me in the past, so if I may ask, did you pass it a function that invokes pointInPoly or did you pass pointInPoly or its result directly? That is, was it like this:

    Test.expectError(function() {                          // does what you want
      pointInPoly(thisPolygon, thisPoint);

    or like this:

    Test.expectError(pointInPoly(thisPolygon, thisPoint)); // probably won't do what you want