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  • The kata expects a function, not a generator...

  • Got a failed test with this one, if ending length is 0.
    Had to add "|| ending.length === 0".

  • You're right. I did find an issue in my program where it erased the last "" element when compared with an empty value beyond what my vector was initialized with (Not too sure how to refer to it). Thank you for the reply!

  • Tests are OK, and all people who reported such problem finally found the error in their solution, so your solution probably has similar error too.

    I just solved the kata in C++ and encountered no problems. I checked fixed test cases and they seem to be OK.

    This paragraph and this paragraph of FAQ can be helpful.

  • Expected: equal to [ ]

    Actual: [ ]

    This is in C++. I passed the random tests but failed this particular fixed test. I see others having the same issue here. Any help?

  • I'm not sure. I'm having the same problem (see my comment above), and the test my solution is failing on is a fixed test. The test seems to be a vector with an empty string in it.
    EDIT: I just solved this kata in Python with the same exact approach and it worked. I see that many others are also having trouble with the C++ version of this kata, and not with any other languages. Maybe a slight problem with the C++ translation?

  • JS test cases doesn't show what's expected.

  • Cool kata and it's also a problem that you have to solve very often :)

  • Have you tried printing the input?

  • I thought it was, cause there were two other comments pointing at the same problem. Can you tell me what causes this to happen / what I need to change in my code? I really have no idea whatsoever.
    Would be nice of you :) (not a solution, but explaining why this error is caused so I can fix it myself, atm I don't have any clue where to look)

  • Not an issue. Your solution is wrong.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • C++: when I submit my solution, I get one fixed test case wrong, and the error message looks like this:
    Expected: equal to [ ]
    Actual: [ ]

    Is there a problem with the grader, or is it my code's problem?

  • I'm pretty sure you've slipped through the random tests.

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