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  • works perfect. :+1: Now I'll have to compct my ouput... xo

  • Ooh, I get it. The runBFBF function creates and runs each output*.bf in one fell swoop, so you never get a chance to see it if everything crashes.

    I split up that function in the Preload and changed the "few selected bytes" section of the Sample Tests to read

      Test.it("Works for a few selected bytes", function () {
          console.log('0: ' + String.fromCharCode(...execSync("cat /workspace/output0.bf")))
          console.log('1: ' + String.fromCharCode(...execSync("cat /workspace/output1.bf")))
          console.log('12: ' + String.fromCharCode(...execSync("cat /workspace/output12.bf")))
          console.log('123: ' + String.fromCharCode(...execSync("cat /workspace/output123.bf")))
          console.log('255: ' + String.fromCharCode(...execSync("cat /workspace/output255.bf")))
          Test.assertEquals(runBFOutput(0), 0)
          Test.assertEquals(runBFOutput(1), 1)
          Test.assertEquals(runBFOutput(12), 12)
          Test.assertEquals(runBFOutput(123), 123)
          Test.assertEquals(runBFOutput(255), 255)

    This allows the player at least to see the output code before the crash.

    I've republished the kata with the changes. Due to issue #144/#106, you may not see the updated Sample Tests until you resubmit a solution, but the issue should be resolved for new players.

    • first point: mmmh... Might be I messed up somehting else, yes. Forget that part.
    • second point: no, what I mean is that nothing is shown at all, if the output code is an invalid BF program. So the user doesn't get any feedback t all, in that case.Here is what the user can get:
         Your Metanumerics program
        Works for a few selected bytes
        Test Passed: Value == 0
        Error: Command failed: bf -c29999 /workspace/solution.txt > /workspace/output1.bf
        Error: Out of range! Youwanted to '<' below the first cell.
        To solve, add some '>'s at the beginning, for example.
            at checkExecSyncError
            at execSync
            at runBFBF
            at /home/codewarrior/test.js:14:25
            at begin
            at Object.it
            at /home/codewarrior/test.js:11:8
            at /runner/frameworks/javascript/cw-2.js:152:11
            at Promise._execute
            at Promise._resolveFromExecutor
            at new Promise
            at Object.describe
        Completed in 48ms

    So nothing useful at this step. To see what the actual output code is before it's executed by the interpreter sounds like a minimum to provide to the user (like, I totally messed up my first program and didn't have the least idea I was outputting non command characters).

  • This kata does use the usual bf interpreter, and the comment-loop trick is working for me. Can you give me a specific example of code that causes the incorrect behavior?

    To your second point, the example test cases do console.log the program's output code in the "few selected bytes" section. You can see them by clicking the triangle for that section in the Output pane. If you want to see other outputs, you can see how to modify the test cases even without knowledge of Javascript.

  • hi,

    • it seems you do not use the usual BF interpreter: I constently got errors because of bf commands that weren't supposed to be executed (in a loop used to put comments at the beginning of the code). That's pretty confusing, while the code was actually running well in my usual environnement (And it worked on cw after I removed that loop/comment)
    • the current setup is pretty undebugable: you should print the code produced by the user before executing it. Currently, it's totaly impossible to solve the kata only on cw.
  • hi,

    Is that normal that the ref solution along with the random string generation take more than 10s on their own, in python? How much of this is taken by the random generator?

  • When I try to edit it, it runs into the issue


    So I tried forking it here:


    It appears to be awaiting approval.

  • No worries! I'll be around whenever you get the chance, just let me know!

  • Hi. I'm afraid it will take longer than expected, because my computer died :(
    Sorry for the delay...

  • Thanks a lot for the translation!!
    I'm not sure I'll have time to check this out during the weekend, but I'll have a look at this next week.

  • Python. I had tremendous fun; thank you.

  • Empty string is not zero, the OP explictly tests for zero.

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