• No problem, it was a lovely challenge!

  • Thanks!! :)

  • Approved as a 3kyu.

  • fixed

  • Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Great Kata! Thank you!

  • JavaScript translation kumited. It turned out to be even harder than solving the kata ;)

  • Pretty fun kata. It's quite harder than I thought.

  • I didn't knew you can straight up copy other kata's test cases, provided they test an entirely different things.

  • Sorry, I probably wouldn't be too interested, although I could edit the Python translation if someone else makes a reference test case for a difference language.

    It's not really much of an issue, which is why I only marked as a suggestion. If you're happy with the test cases currently, then I can just approve the kata if you'd like.

  • Precalculating maximum polydivisible numbers for bases from 2 to 62 inclusive would make it possible to write a random generator that generates a base and a number larger than the largest possible polydivisible number in that base.

    I'm not precalculating that stuff myself, and I don't know how to then do the tests in Python. But it would be a useful start to get those tests in. Can I interest you in that?

  • I understand. The only thing is, my solution uses a heursitic that only holds when b <= 10, so technically I have an incorrect solution. I didn't have to tune this number as it wasn't tested for b > 10.

  • There are fixed tests for that. In light of your below question, it would probably take quite some ( testing and generating ) time to generate those values specifically, or it would require hardcoding.

    I like random tests that are completely, fully random, and there is no specific random generator for overly big numbers ( that'd be the way to ensure it ), though there is a decent chance at least some will be generated, especially for smaller bases.

    It might be nice to have, but I just did not specifically include it, and I'm not adding it now.

  • No problem. Congrats on creating your first kata :D

  • @Avanta I'll be repeating myself but THANKS AGAIN!! :)

    """And yeah, don't think of it like wasted time, since you learnt some new stuff."""
    Indeed :) [And I had fun implementing the little "tricks" for those -now removed- "quick tests"]

    """And good luck with the BF translation ahahaha."""
    Haha; in fact I might end up really doing it (I mean probably not a "translation" [in particular if the "level of difficulty" automatically "remains the same" (does it?..I'd guess so...)]; but a BF Kata based on this one: it came to me yesterday morning (or was it the day before?) when waking up: I thought "hmmm; in which other language could I try to translate this... lol Obviously not BrainF..WAIT a minute! :o This could actually be Amazing as a BF challenge!!? :D " [obviously working "directly on bytes" and not bothering about any "ASCII conversion"; that would probably be too sadistic/annoying otherwise...^^] ==> "Extrapolating (sequences of) bytes :D")

    EDIT: """No problem. Congrats on creating your first kata :D""" ==> Thanks ! :D (...again^^)

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