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    Problems with the preloaded stuff:

    • All method names should be in camel_case
    • Chess class should be called Piece
    • It's not clear what x and y refer to, how they're oriented, and what values they can assume
    • Chess class is missing the color attribute (maybe it's intended to be this way by the author?)
    • legalPos should return a list of positions, not just one position (I hope this is a mistake in the description, and you're not actually returning 1 item)
    • It's not stated in which format the output of legalPos comes
    • "Arrow.direction... must be capitalized" - are you suggesting we're the ones who have to set the arrow pieces' directions? How does this make sense if we're (presumably) validating the board? Also, "capitalized" means that only the first letter is in uppercase, not the whole word
    • It's not clear what Board.putChess expects as its second argument, or why this method's provided to us in the first place
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    I've found this forum thread explaining how PYRGA works presumably written by the game creator, and the rules listed there are different from what you're saying here. If you're adapting the rules for the purposes of a kata, you should be more clear about it, as now it looks like the description is simply wrong.

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    There's a link in the description that doesn't lead anywhere.

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    each player have 15 pawns.There are three kinds of pawns: Square, Circle, and Arrow

    What does this mean? This statement can be interpreted in at least 2 different ways:

    • players have exactly 5 squares, 5 circles, and 5 arrows
    • players have 15 pawns each of which can be a square, a circle, or an arrow according to the player's choice
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    The function will recieve a an object of type "Board", then check whether players have broken the rules

    This doesn't really explain what the task is. Are we supposed to check whether a sequence of moves which results in a given board exists? Or is it something else?