• description doesn't match tests in few minor points:

    The columns are separated by two spaces.

    second and first column are separated by 3 spaces when there are more than 10 players

    pts and sb are centered

    only titles are centered, the numbers are Right aligned

  • New python test framework should be used.

  • It feels like the kata is made trickier, and more annoying than it needs to be, on purpose =/ For example, comparing surnames, instead of names, or spacing that's not quite clear just based on examples, with different alignments.

    For suggestion part:

    • You should mention how big the tables will get. I was expecting to see a table with 1000 players, but apparently they won't go beyond 2 digits.
    • It would be nice to see a simple and clear example of Sonneborn-Berger score calculation on a separate line, not being surrounded by non-essential information.
    • I see you defined draw as d in description and tests. Why not use variables like W, D, L to make it clearer what's meant?


  • Please, NASM Translation

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  • Hi,

    You should state clearly in the description that the default right and left nodes are None, for the leafs.