• I can't understand why my solution doesn't work with malloc(), but works with calloc()?

  • it does not work

  • What am I supposed to return on this test?

    The expression (get_number_from_string(buffer)) == (get_number_from_string_tester(buffer)) is false.

  • You're leaving too much room for interpretation/guessing, there's no way to know what you're doing.
    Start with showing the code that you're using instead of code that you're not using, and, put


    before and after your code to keep the formatting intact.

    Mark your post as containing spoilers.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Presumably you came to the conclusion that your code works fine without having tested the input that your code fails on. All code works fine when you don't try the things it doesn't handle!

    Suggestion: print out the inputs you receive so that you can use the failing ones to debug your code.

    (avoid "works on my computer" because it is indistinguishable from "I didn't test it at all". you would have to provide enough information to reproduce what you did, or it doesn't say anything. the easiest way to do that is to show what code was used.)

  • Hi i am new to coding, trying to solve this kata in java 11.

    My code works fine in an IDE but i get this error test fail when i run it here.
    expected:<[]abc> but was:<[ABC]abc>

    can someone explain what is the issue here?

  • Ruby translation kumited :) please review and approve ~~

  • Ruby translation kumited :) please check and approve ~~

  • Please, can you give more details about the exercise? Like what's a hex and a decimal number? What are examples of translating from hex to decimal?

  • The tests in C seem pretty broken, they throw tons of warnings about implicit declarations not being possible in C99 etc.

  • it didn't work for me either

  • I gave up. All the tests were green, but I couldn't remove the synthax error, or I don't know how to use escapes properly. I think my solution was too tricky to use RegExp.
    Thanks anyway

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